Rix Oil Skimmer

Riten Industries

Riten offers the world's largest selection of Live & Dead centers and Face Drivers.  Workholding is

Riten offers the world's largest selection of Live & Dead centers and Face Drivers. Our products are manufactured locally in Ohio and workholding is our only business.  No other company can match our experience, craftsmanship, and engineering skill.


3nine Oil Mist Separators


3nine develops solutions for the purification of processed air for the Metal Working Industry.  Our revolutionary technology is based on centrifugal separation, using a disc stack which produces an extremely high degree of purification in a very compact format, requiring a minimum of maintenance. 


Core Cutter


High performance, solid carbide cutting tools.  100% USA Made.  Extremely fast turn-around for specials, regrinds and a continually growing number of standard options.  We feature a complete line of 3, 4 and 5 flute end-mills and employ the latest in grinding and coating technologies.



Self tuning boring bar


MAQ designs and manufacturers self-tuning boring bars and milling adapters incorporating our Self Tuning Mass Damper (STMD) technology. This is what makes the MAQ products competitive. MAQ tools outperform other solutions on the market and deliver the benefits of better surface finish, tighter tolerances and higher process reliability. This is done with a tool that offers a larger range and allows the user to “plug and play” rather than take valuable time setting up and tuning the tool to the application. 




Powered by compressed air, MiJet is used near CNC machines or inspection stations to clean oily residue and chips from parts.  Residue is blown down into the MiJet when the air nozzle is actuated.  It simultaneously vacuums debris into the container below for recycling.  If you are using compressed air to clean off parts, simply connect the MiJet into an air line and start cleaning.


RIX Oil Skimmers


The RIX screw action oil skimmer is a patented solution that utilizes the viscosity differential between the tramp oil and cutting fluid.  The more viscous tramp oil clings to a rotating threaded column and is separated out.  RIX separates almost twice the amount of tramp oil than traditional belt skimmers during the same time period, while removing far less cutting fluid.